At A Glance

  1. School  diary  is to be brought to school daily without fail.
  2. Students should come to school in complete school uniform, on all school days ( including PTM).
  3. Punctuality  a must and late comers will be suitably checked with corrective measures.
  4. No mobile phone is to be brought to school for what so ever reason. The set will be confiscated and very strict action will be taken against the user. The set will be returned only at the end of the
      session .
  5. Students are discouraged to come to school by private vans using gas kits or over loaded.
  6. 85 % attendance is a must for every student.
  7. A pupil who uses unfair means during examinations will be given zero in the subject and repetition of the same shall lead to dismissal.
  8. Parents / guardians can meet the principal in her office from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. on all school
    working days.
  9. Parents / guardians should meet teachers only on PTM or with appointment in special cases.
  10. It is compulsory for all students to participate in sports, games and co-curricular  activities of
    the school .
  11. In case of accidents, school will provide only first aid; other related expenses will be borne by 
    Parents / guardians.